ICAN of NW Arkansas


Mercy Hospital in Rogers 2012

 We have had news of a VBAC at their facility!!

NW Medical Center reverses VBAC Ban! January 2011

The NW Medical Center in NW Arkansas (Willow Creek, Siloam Springs, Bentonville) has reversed their VBAC ban!! It includes VBA2C and twin VBAC! Exciting for NW Arkansas!!! And we do know of real people who have VBACed at all three locations now!

ACOG issues new, less restrictive VBAC guidelines July 2010

According to new guidelines VBAC's are now considered a safe option for women with two prior cesareans, twins, and unknown incision types.  Although the past recommendation of staff being "immediately available" still stands, they make it clear that these guidelines were not meant to restrict women's access to VBAC.  They say that "restrictive VBAC policies should not be used to force women to undergo a repeat cesarean delivery against their will". We hope that Arkansas hospitals will revisit their VBAC ban policies in light of the new recommendations promoting patient autonomy. Read the press release and ICAN's response for more information


NIH VBAC panel finds VBAC safe-March 2010

A statement was released from the NIH VBAC consensus stating that evidence shows that VBACs are a safe alternative to a repeat cesarean. According to their statement: "Given the available evidence, TOL is a reasonable option for many pregnant women with a prior low transverse uterine incision." Additionally, "We are concerned that the medicolegal considerations add to, as well as exacerbate these barriers. Policymakers, providers, and other stakeholders must collaborate in the development and implementation of appropriate strategies to mitigate the chilling effect of the medico-legal environment on access to care."  Read the complete statement here, and the press release can be found here.


New Study on VBA3C

New research to be published in BJOG has found that women with three or more prior cesareans who attempt vaginal birth have similar rates of success and risk for maternal morbidity as those with one prior cesarean. Read more here

US News Health Article: March 2010

Click here to read Vaginal Birth After C-Section: Giving Women the Option.

Time Magazine-Feb 2009

Click here to read the article in Time Magazine: The Trouble With Repeat Cesareans